Legal Information and Credits

Privacy and Cookies

On this website - we make use of cookies to collect information about our visitors. This is to help inform the website team about how the website is used, and to help us focus improvements.

Third Party cookies

We have a number of third party services in use that place cookies in your browser:

  • Google Analytics - This counts visits to pages and aggregates information on visitors.
  • Vimeo Stats - collects information on playback of our sermon and song videos.
  • Youtube - collects information on playback of our small group prayer videos.

Session Cookies

If you log in to edit this website, our content management system Drupal stores session information in cookies.

If you log in to our members area - Church Community Builder this also stores session information in cookies. This allows you to stay logged in as you navigate between multiple pages. Church Community Builder is a seperate website from and it's use of cookies is determined by Church Community Builder, Inc.

Opting out

If you would prefer not to use cookies on this web you can disable them in your browser, however this may reduce functionality on some websites. You can also opt out of google analytics with a browser plugin.


Data Protection

Keeping your information safe

By logging into our new members website - Church Community Builder (CCB) you agree to the following:

  • I will make use of data which I obtain through CCB only for the uses for which it was intended i.e. enabling me to contact other church members.
  • I will not supply any data obtained through CCB to any other person outside of church membership, without that person’s specific consent.
  • I will make every reasonable effort to keep my username and password secure.
  • I will not allow or enable other people to use my username and password.
  • I will choose a password that cannot be easily guessed.
  • I will log off CCB when I am finished.
  • I will not use the information for commercial purposes or divulge information to any third parties.


Website Credits

Successful projects tend to be the result of a team effort. This website is no exception. We would like to express our thanks to the following individuals:

Website Design and Development

Design by Sam Arnold - freelance graphic designer based in Eastbourne, East Sussex, working in web, print and branding.

Development by Brightec - a web and application development agency based in Brighton, UK.


Other Contributors

Joe Robertson (project management).

Andrew Francis (graphic design and project management).

Ben Dyer and Ryan Hunt (graphic design and content input).

Tom Gillett (consultancy, project management, server infrastructure, website development).

Matthew Slowe (server infrastructure).



Thanks to the photographers and illustrators who contributed imagery to this website.

Including Olly Knight, Hannah Bidmead, Matt Hogg and submitters to CreationSwap.

Photo of Olly Knight on worship team page by Chris Johnson Photography. Team photos by James Ajebon.

Flickr users:

Photos on the following pages are used under creative commons licences, where share alike applies the modified photos are released under by-nc-sa/3.0/

  • Whistable page: by kev_bite and Pamela01.
  • Small Group page, left image: by t-dawg.
  • Kids Small Group, right image by korephotos.
  • Debt Advice page: by napfisk.
  • Data Protection and CCB sign up page: by Wysz.
  • Training in Dicipleship page: by Simonov.

Thanks to Rogie King at who made some of the group icons we are using in the Dicipleship section. His Faithicons are used under creative commons by-sa/3.0/ and our modified versions are also released as by-sa/3.0/ under share alike.