Small Groups

Living life together

'When I came to The City Church, I loved the vibe straight away. People were friendly, and the sense of God in that place just blew me away.

But after a few weeks of smiling and saying hello to the same people, I began to feel like a familiar stranger. Would I ever get beyond the impersonal grinning-like-a-loon stage?
And then I went to a Small Group, and everything changed.
I’m a shy person, and I went with butterflies in my stomach that evening. But what I discovered was a group of lovely people, who made me feel so welcome and at home.
Now when I go into church, there are people scattered around the room who I know. And they care about me! It’s transformed my church experience, but it’s done more than that, it’s brought me closer to God’s heart as I experience practically the community of love he always wanted me to be in.
If you’re not in a small group, you’re really missing out - join one!’ - Liz, Wincheap
Small Groups are The City Church’s main way to develop community, friendship and ‘one-anothering’ within the church.
Groups meet on a weekly basis during term time to share lives, practically apply the Sunday morning teaching, worship together and pray.
Friendships deepen through informal meet ups during the rest of the week and holiday times, and we see this as a vital part of discipleship, being in relationship and community together.
As these friendships develop, we hope Small Groups will become a more natural place to introduce non-Christians to Church life.
If you would like to speak to someone about joining a small group please email us at