The City in action

Our 17 Values

In 2011 we looked at the seventeen values that together form The City Church in a series called The City. These values are based on things that Terry Virgo, who started Newfrontiers, saw as at the heart of bible-based church life. When we begin to demonstrate these values, that is when we are like The City we are called to be.

  1. Building churches that are evangelistically relevant:
    that love and serve the community around them.
  2. The final authority of Scripture:
    the Bible is perfect and it shapes us not the other way round.
  3. The gospel of grace:
    we are all a work in progress and yet God’s mercy can cover our sin.
  4. Baptism into Christ and the Spirit:
    Christianity is about genuine experience of God: heart, mind, soul and body. Not just a head thing.
  5. Free to worship:
    passion is a sign of us valuing something. We greatly value Christ and so our musical worship will tend to have a passionate flavour.
  6. Loving, meeting, sharing and caring communities:
    real church is a 24/7 thing. It’s a deep authentic community that shares the highs and lows.
  7. Marriage, parenting and being single:
    the family unit needs rescuing in this Nation. We need to know how to stay together through thick and thin. We need to know to how to invest in and love our kids. Singles mustn’t have a stigma, but instead we need to celebrate the freedom singleness gives; not for selfish reason but to serve Christ.
  8. Elders, a team with a leader:
    servant leaders who love God, each other and His church.
  9. Honouring your elders:
    in an anti-authority age, respecting those given the responsibility to lead is key.
  10. Freed from complacency:
    no dozing off on the job! The World needs to hear about the Real Jesus.
  11. Equipped for service in the church and community:
    all hands on deck. We’ve all got a unique role to play in serving both His Church and the community of Canterbury, Whitstable and beyond.
  12. Wholeheartedly owning our vision:
    heart-felt commitment. Not lip service but real service. The Church is God’s Plan A. There is no Plan B.
  13. Local church, God’s vehicle for empowering the poor:
    only because of God’s mercy can any of us know God. That same mercy has got to be passed on, particularly to those for whom life has been tough.
  14. One new man:
    diversity and yet unity is the name of the game. Rich, poor, black, white, old, young.
  15. Salt and light
    need to roll up our sleeves and get involved, long term in our communities and work environments.
  16. Excellent relationships with other churches in the community:
    resisting stupid competitiveness and instead loving, respecting those churches in the area.
  17. Receiving encouragement and correction from translocal ministries:
    as leaders and a church, being accountable to those we are in relationship with from other places. No stone being unturned, no taboo questions. Transparency.