Building for the future

Our plans for a building in Canterbury

This prophecy, given by Julian Adams in 2006, is one of a number of prophecies we have received as a church which has given us the belief that at some point we will have a building and buildings of our own to support the vision God has given us. 

We are now in a phase of praying, waiting and ongoing investigation as to where our first building will be as we continue to exercise faith that God will provide buildings for us. We have also continued giving to our Building Fund through regular gift days and ongoing monthly and one-off gifts. If you would like to give to the Building Fund then the account details are:

Account name: The City Church
Account number: 10148531
Sort code: 16-15-20

Giving from the Building Fund

In line with our broad principle of giving away at least 10% of what we receive as a church we have made the decision to give at least 10% of what is given to the building fund on sustainability projects in the developing world.
To date we have given to the following:

Pathways from Poverty Christmas Appeals 

We have partnered with our apostolic sphere Relational Mission to give to a number of development projects within other apostolic spheres within the newfrontiers family.


Community Empowerment Programme, Kenya 

The programme is based in Meru in Kenya and works with vulnerable children and orphans to provide education sponsorship, including school fees, uniforms and books, clothing, food and housing, medical care and nutritional supplements. And, for those orphaned by HIV or AIDS, counselling and mentorship.

New Nation School, Accra, Ghana

To finance the completion of the upper storey of the new block further enhancing the facilities of the school in providing good quality education for children of every tribe and nation in an environment of faith, hope and love.

Business Creation Programmes in East Africa 

To provide start-up funding for business initiatives including goat-keeping, grain store, rabbit-keeping, fish ponds and general stores. All of these businesses initiatives have demonstrated the ability to lift people out of disempowered lifestyles and give them the dignity of choice.

Philile, Johannesburg, South Africa 

Philile is a non-profit organization linked to God First Church in Johannesburg that exists to transform the lives of children and disadvantaged communities in South Africa. It aims to run a full range of initiatives with in-depth focus on early childhood development.

Project Etoile, Lome, Togo 

To provide start-up funding and loans for business initiatives, training in business, literacy education to support business enterprises, health education alongside an evangelistic programme.

Mercy In Action, Philippines 

To enable the purchase of the currently rented house to give an ongoing stable environment for girls rescued from abandonment, abuse and neglect.