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After you spend nearly three years studying for a degree in Applied Theology and Youth Work, the idea of doing a hit and run of five weeks in a placement church can seem daunting to say the least. I connected with the youth coordinator (Dave) the previous summer to put something in place and it stays theoretical until you arrive at the youth weekend away on your first day as the new intern; with sixty new faces to try and remember.

I have been doing youth work for the last 6-7 years and each time I moved to a new youth ministry it has always challenged my thinking, and how I go about enacting my vision of ‘seeing every young person impacted to reach their full potential in God'; these five weeks have been no different. The relaxed and informal way that, over the first weekend, both the youth and leaders spend their time, challenging, growing and pushing each other to become more of who God created them to be was so insightful. It gave a glimpse into the way that, in fact, the whole church seeks to advance the Kingdom of God. I came City Church/City Youth to grow, and that I certainly did, through each interaction of every member of the wider church, but more intensely through the youth work.

There were several moments over the first few weeks, through different youth events, where I got to understand more and more of how the youth ministry functions and flows. The key, it seemed, was through making most of every opportunity in order to develop a deep fellowship that always sought after more of God. The youth ministry, comprised of young people from different backgrounds, coming together and laying aside differences in order to seek God; an incredible sight to look at and be involved in. One event had young people and youth leaders alike prophesying over each other to which I, with apprehension admittedly, got involved in. I was amazed with the faith these young people had to step out in the spiritual gifts, where when I was there age I remember very much being against anything ‘spiritual'. Their courage and openness to each other was truly amazing to experience and will always stick with me as a challenge to step out more.

As I come to the end of my five weeks at The City Church, there are many things in which I will take away and take out into any work that I go on to do. I'll name three:

Word and Spirit

I have yet again been reminded of the importance of reading your Bible and being led by the Spirit. In everything, The City Church has reminded me the importance of God's word and it's guidance and instruction for the whole of life, as well as living in constant step with the Holy Spirit and being led by Him in every area of life - 2 Timothy 3:16, Acts 1:8.

God's Provision

Going into a new situation in which, as an introvert, meeting so many new people I had a fresh revelation of how much I need to rely on God and His strength in all situations. Seeing the young people so mature in their faith and trust in God was so encouraging and a big take away for me. Hebrews 12:1-2.

Faith as a Child

Although I recognise these are young people, not children, I have been reminded of Jesus teaching in Matthew 18:2-4, that I had lost a sense of childlike faith in such an incredible heavenly Father. I have been pleasantly reminded to trust God in all things just as a child trusts in their Father for all things.

Thank you, City Church and City Youth for the incredible experience that I have received from being with you for such a short amount of time. I have truly been blessed and challenged. I have experienced such genuine fellowship that I will go away from this changed and deepened in my faith. Thank you all.

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About the author

Rhys is 23 and a Third Year Theology student at Moorlands Bible College. He has been interning at City Youth for five weeks.

He loves video games, board games and Jesus. He has a part of youth ministry for 7 years, and wouldn't change a thing.

Rhys Poore