Jesus came "not to be served but to serve" (Matthew 20: 28).  The Apostle Paul encouraged the Church to "outdo one another in showing honour" (Romans 12: 10), "count others as more significant than yourselves" (Phillipians 2: 3) and "through love serve one another" (Galatians 5: 13). 

Serving is about imitating Christ by loving people sacrificially and it also helps us to feel knitted in to community and grow in our walk with God and our gifts.  We encourage everyone to join one of our serving teams.

If you've been attending The City Church and would like to get serving let us know!

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The New Testament uses the language of family, community, a body and a people to communicate a sense of oneness and commitment within the Church.   Membership facilitates a clear way in which that commitment can be expressed. There are two reasons for this:

Firstly, the descriptions of life amongst the early Church implies an up-close-and-personal community.  The people were completely committed to one another to the point where they were essentially one. Membership demonstrates that commitment. 

Secondly, the New Testament repeatedly uses the language of leadership and followership.  Leaders will give an account of how they shepherd and followers are instructed to submit (Hebrews 13). It was within this clearly defined context that discipline was to be outworked.  Membership helps us define the parameters within which these operate and helps the Elders effectively shepherd the church.

If you're interested in membership or just want to know more about our beliefs and values then please tell us using the form.

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