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Youth culture has always been something that is in constant flux and in an age of globalisation, the internet, social media and YouTube stars, it is more so then it has ever been before.

When I was a teacher, I was once told by a 17 year old girl that Facebook was for ‘old people’! I’ve heard stories of 14 year old boys asking if they can play with their friends and when told yes, they then go sit on the sofa, put on a headset and play an hour (or more) of Fortnite. When teenagers are asked what celebrity they admire, they give the name of YouTubers known to them, but with parents asking ‘Who?’.

A recent survey by Scripture Union estimated that a massive 95% of children and young people don't go to church. This alone illustrates the culture shift in British young people. Therefore, as a Youth team we always want to celebrate and value every young person who comes along to youth or any church meeting. We never want to take any of them for granted.

To celebrate this we are excited to be starting The City Youth Blog. Our brothers and sisters from City Students have kindly lent us their template and we are so excited about rolling out the blog articles.

With all the changes, trials and challenges that the young people of City Youth face, we believe that there is one constant in all these things that matters immeasurable more than anything else.  The City Youth Blog is a blog that is to give people a ‘taste and a flavour’ of the life of teenagers who, in an ever-changing culture, cling to something that never changes, brings life and will never fail them –the Grace, Love and Mercy of God.

Whether this is by reviewing events in the City Youth calendar, teenagers telling their stories of how they put their trust and faith in God or posting encouragements to inspire and challenge, we hope that this blog will serve in giving many people an insight of the community that is City Youth and the individuals who make it up.

Therefore, it makes absolute sense that the City Youth Blog is not just run by myself, but three wonderful members of City Youth from Canterbury and Whitstable, Adam, Masami and Jamie.

So watch out over the next two weeks as blogs are on the way!

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About the author

David Carter leads the Youth work at The City Church alongside his wife Rosie. He has a degree in Theology and spent 7 years as a Secondary School teacher before working for the church. He has a 2 year old son called Elisha, is a Gooner and a not so secret WWE fan.  

David Carter