We are part of Relational Mission. A growing family of churches from different countries, led by Mike Betts.



Relational Mission is part of Newfrontiers, a group of apostolic leaders, together with their teams and churches, united on global mission and by core values and genuine relationships. 



We are delighted to be a placement church for ID.  ID is a year-long church internship program designed to help you walk with Jesus into the adventures that he has for you. Over the course of the year you'll be immersed in the life and mission of a local church, where you can serve in a wide variety of exciting ministries and be lovingly discipled. There are also exciting missional opportunities with Relational Mission churches both in the UK and abroad.




Worship Jesus Blog

The blog of Olly Knight, the Worship Coordinator at The City Church.

Tom Shaw Blog


The blog of Tom Shaw, who led The City Church for 10 years before God called him and his family to move to the USA.