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I spent the first 10 years of my life in Croydon. Then in 2009 my Dad took a job in Eastbourne and we faced the task of moving to a completely new area and settling in. We found a church that had a vibrant youth, where I had a group of Christian friends my own age and various shared interests. I loved going to church and chilling with all my friends, but I only really went to church so I could see them. As time went on however, many of my friends began to drift away from the church and I was left with little to no Christian friends my own age. This was tough, I felt like the enjoyment of church had gone, but my family stayed supportive and when I began to take on board what was being said I felt compelled to make the decision to live my life for Christ. At this stage I wasn’t sure what or where my decision would lead me, but I felt like it was right and I was ready. However, with very few Christian friends at school or church I struggled to maintain the desire I had and was struggling to see how God was still relevant in my life. I was floundering and could see no way out of it.

It was then that I discovered Christians in Sport. I went to my first camp 4 years ago and found so many people who shared my passion for sport, helping me re-kindle my desire to follow Christ. It was so uplifting to spend time with them and it gave me a huge boost. Seeing others living for Christ really inspired me and grew my confidence. I always came away from the camps on such a high, and I have continued to stay involved with Christians in Sport, now serving as a leader on the camps. This allows me to give something back and help young people who may be in the same position I was.

Furthermore, coming to University has really helped my faith. I’ve found a solid church and group of friends, giving me a firm base to develop my faith, while seeing how God is working in me and walking alongside me in my degree (plus all the challenges that come with it).

In the next academic year, I will be taking over leadership of the Christians in Sport student group in Canterbury. I’m excited to see how we as a group can use our sports to show something of God and glorify him when we play. Overall, I’m eager and expectant to discover what God has in store for me in Canterbury, and beyond, as I continue my walk with him.

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About the Author

Matthew King is a First Year student at the University of Kent studying Biomedical Science. Originally from Eastbourne, Matt currently plays for the Kent Falcons, the University’s American Football team, who recently reached the National Semi-Finals after an unbeaten season.

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