Our Stories: Kesia Wills


Prior to attending university, I attended Ruislip Baptist church. I’d been attending the church for roughly 10 years so I had formed many great friendships. I had enjoyed playing such an active role in my church, subsequently this made it very difficult to leave. In general, I had been very anxious about attending university. I am not naturally a nervous person but being so well established at home made this transition more difficult than I had previously anticipated.

Being a Fresher at uni came as a shock. I came from a largely Christian background – most of my friends have a faith, I attended a Church of England secondary school and I was very much involved within the church during the week. I had expected freedom at university but university really granted me the opportunity to re-create myself if I had wished to. Initially I was hesitant to introduce myself as a Christian but after attending an early CU meeting God really granted me the confidence to do so. 

I had visited two other churches in Canterbury before deciding to settle at City. When I visited City something just felt right, I connected really well with the worship and the topics that were preached upon.  I was taken aback with how welcoming and friendly the church was and how it really felt like a home away from home… not to mention the great student lunches.

I have made some great friends at university but really struggle(d) with the fact that none of them considered themselves to have a faith. I have been very open with them about the fact that I am a Christian so this has encouraged some difficult questions, however I have been positively surprised by the responses I have received. I can really see God using me to reach people in my accommodation and on my course. Many have already expressed an interest in attending church, I think they are inquisitive to see where I keep disappearing off to!

I will be forever thankful for the City Church and the great support available for students during this massive life transition. I have enjoyed university so much more than expected and that can be partly attributed to the support of the church and the friends I have made within the church.


About the Author

Kesia is a first-year student studying a BA in History at the University of Kent. Originally from Greater London, Kesia has been attending the City Church for roughly four months.

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