What does serving look like?

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Joel Pointon - Worship

Last year I joined City, serving the worship team whilst on ID. I chose to serve in this area because I had experience in my home church, and wanted to grow in leading worship and as someone who worshiped whilst serving on in the band. I helped with organising everyone in the team as well as conferences and church other events. I’m less involved now that I am at uni, but I serve on a Sunday morning once a month (drums/trumpet), and we have a practice the Monday before we lead worship. Other than the main service, I occasionally lead worship with the kids on a Sunday morning, along with pursuit and Breakthrough Prayer (City’s monthly prayer meeting).

It is a privilege to be part of helping other people glorify God, especially when you see other people visibly meet with God. Plus it’s great fun as the team are amazing - I’d definitely recommend getting involved if you are vaguely musical... I feel people often think that they’re not good enough to be in the team - although there are a few exceptional musicians, most of us can just play a few chords, and love worshipping God!

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Grace Banks - Kids Work

I’m Grace and I serve on the City Kids team. I’ve been on the team for almost a year now and it’s great! I decided to join the kids team because I love working with young people and I have a lot of experience in working with children. I am a student teacher and working with children is what I’m passionate about, so being able to teach them about journeying with God is a blessing. I serve with different people on the team about once a month, and everyone is wonderful at sharing out the planning for a Sunday morning. During the preach on a Sunday, the trailblazers team share the word of God through games, craft, prayer and creative worship. It’s been so beautiful to see the children grow in friendship with each other and faith in the Lord. To be able to provide a space for the children to discuss their questions and pray for each other is such a privilege to be part of.


Olivia Stead - Welcoming

Going to a church for the first time (or the 100th for that matter!) can be daunting, especially in such a big church as City! Which is why I think welcoming people at the door, and making sure they talk to at least one person is so important.

I’ve been serving on the Welcome team ever since becoming a member of City Church last year, and have really enjoyed getting to know more members of the church through it.

As a member of the Welcome team, my job is first of all to be a friendly face at the door, hand out the monthly updates, and of course chat to any newcomers or people who may look confused.

We also pass around the offering basket and help out on the Sundays when we do Communion.

I enjoy serving on this team because I like meeting new people, and making them feel a part of our wonderful church.


About the Authors

Joel, Grace and Olivia are all students who attend The City Church. Joel is studying Economics, and Olivia Film at Kent. Grace is at CCCU in her final year of teaching.