Our Stories: Andrew Headley

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I grew up in a Christian household with a younger twin brother and sister in Bedford, Bedfordshire, and whilst there’s nothing particularly special about the town I loved growing up there. My parents have been great examples to me growing up in their faith and commitment to my local church, and the kids and youth work there helped in the development of my faith. I became a Christian when I was around 10 and was baptized when I was 18. Between those two ages my faith developed slowly as I never got into a routine of spending time with God and when I did strive to be a ‘good’ person it was because I felt I had too. My general academic ability and stable home life, which are both massive blessings, actually meant that I rarely felt that I needed God in my life.

Things changed at University when things were pretty tough from the start; I was proud and not keen to ask for help (not advisable if you’re studying architecture), I was alone a lot of the time and was awful at introducing myself. I put my self-worth and identity in other things i.e studies and running, only to obviously be let down.  It took a long time to settle in Canterbury, the CU and here at City Church. However, I took responsibility for my own faith when I arrived at Kent and stepped out from constraints that I had put myself under in Bedford and I started spending more time with God. It wasn’t perfect, but through this God slowly revealed what my identity really is in him and he has really worked in me.  Noticeably I have been given a patience, joy and peace that I wouldn’t have been able to comprehend before university and the student work here has been amazing over the past 3 years in helping me to find this.

After I finished 3 years of architecture I was praying and reflecting on whether I wanted to carry on this career path. In the end I decided that I’d do ID, it was an opportunity that I could not miss. I get to serve the student ministry which has served me so well, to develop my own faith, and to spend some time thinking about my future over this year, as well as getting to know students and helping them out. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the first 2 months and look forward to what else is in store!

AH profile pic 3.jpg

About the Author

Andrew Headley is a member of the City Students team and is currently doing ID (Intentional Discipleship). Andrew is from Bedford and has just finished his undergraduate degree in Architecture at UKC.

Andrew loves running, tea and more running.