Sent 2018

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Hey guys! I recently just got back from the Sent/Courage conference and it was FAB! It was 4 days of teaching, worshipping, hanging out (‘unhurried time to relationally connect’), resting with God and hearing from Him.

I normally find with conferences that they’re jam packed- you end up coming away pretty shattered because you don’t want to miss anything, so you go to EVERYTHING! This time however, it was so relaxed; it wasn’t totally rammo, there was lots of time in the day to think about what we had heard, catch our breath, and also see friends and other churches.

I was initially daunted by the idea of having the conference in London, with it being so big and busy (I’m a mega chilled seaside kinda gal, so me and London don’t really mix..) but in fact it was great! It meant that in those quiet moments in the day we could go off and explore when we wanted- it was actually nice being in the heart of things for once, instead of being isolated in a field somewhere!

The conference itself was insane, FULL of biblical, down to earth and practical teaching. There was plenty of time for us to rest with the Holy Spirit and pray with each other. There was some great ministry time on one of the last days when the Sent group got prayed for by some of the Leadership group. Two absolute powerhouses prayed for me- they were amazing and so spot on in their prophecies over me! I came away feeling so excited about what God’s got in store for Jonny and I in our future and how He will show himself to us in different ways.


During the week we got to hear from preachers like Mike Betts, Mike Pilavachi, Tom Scrivens and Nick & Marlene Boyd. We also had the chance to go to specific seminars through the day. My favorite one that I was able to go to was ‘Everyone a Witness” by Clyde Thomas. He made it so normal to step out and be brave to share your faith in just the normal everyday of life, he also mentioned about not being discouraged or put off if we bail last minute and back out of being vulnerable, there is always next time!

All in all it was a fab few days and I couldn’t recommend it enough. If you want to feel refreshed, built up and excited about God then it’s totally for you!

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Emily (the one on the left) is a life-loving girl! She is happiest hanging out with her husband Jonny, her best friends and family, or zoning out on the beach (preferably with a bag of fish and chips). She balances her own Yatsar Pottery business with Seasalt and loves that every week is different.