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Over the last 2 years of leading City Students, I have often had conversations that go a little bit like this:

**bump into an old friend on high street**

Me: "Oh, hi friend!"

Friend: "Oh, hi mate! How are you?"

Me: "Yeah, I'm doing well. You OK? What are you up to?"

Friend: "Oh, same old, same old. Yourself?"

Me: "I lead the student work at my church!"

Friend: "Great!...What does that mean?"

Me: "Yeah, people ask me that often. (I told you.) I basically look after our church student community - primarily integration, discipleship, pastoral care, communications, events and mission."

Friend: "Right. So...sorry, what do you do?"

Me: **thinking how to be clearer** "We welcome students to our church, get to know who they are and where they're from. We meet up with them for coffees and get them stuck into our church family. We put on lunches and services and bible studies and other such things to help them follow Jesus."

Friend: "OK. Well, great!"

I'm getting a bit better, but I still come away feeling frustrated that they didn't really seem to understand.

It can be hard to explain something that people have no frame of reference for. Try your best to describe that beautiful place you visited, or that hilarious thing that happened at that party you went to that time, or your work that you are a passionate about - if they haven't experienced it, it can remain somewhat of a mystery.

So then I think - I'll tell them a story instead.

I want to tell people about how one of our new students, who felt shy and lonely and a bit lost, has found friendship and community in our church; I want to tell them of a time of worship when it seemed like every young adult in the room had their hands raised lost in praise to God; I want to talk about students who have lots of questions about Jesus and are starting to find the answers; I want to talk about being on campus and the week we've just had and...

Introducing - City Students Blog.

We want to use this to tell you stories. Stories from students about why they follow Christ. Stories from our events to share what happened and what God did amongst us. Stories from our leaders to encourage and inspire.

Add to this book reviews and articles from guest writers and previews of upcoming events - and it feels like we have a way of bringing you into the life and heart of the community of City Students.

And hopefully, as we do this, you will see more of who is at the heart of our community - Jesus Christ - and why we do all that we do - to see the building of His kingdom.

Whether you are a part of our church family, know us from further afield or simply looking in to who we are, you are more than welcome. Make sure you head to our main Blog page regularly to keep up-to-date with our latest posts or scroll to the bottom of each post for links to others.

I guess we'd better make a start...


About the Author

Sam Gardner is City Students leader and ID supervisor at the City Church, Canterbury and Whitstable. He is passionate about seeing young adults come to know Jesus and spend their lives following Him.

Sam loves his wife Andi, exercising, having dinner with friends and a good cup of tea in the morning.  

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