Jesus’ Great Commission commands us to “go therefore and make disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19) and it is clear that the early church’s mission was as much about spreading across the globe as serving their local community.

Throughout the years, sending has been a theme running through many prophecies over our church. Increasingly, we characterise ourselves as a “Sending Church” and our heart and prayer is that as a church we really do train up and send people to all the ends of the earth to make disciples.

And we continue to link with and support these people and churches, through regular communication, prayer, giving and visits. 



Lille, France

Roger and Georgina Eaton moved from The City Church to Lille in 2013 as a young family, an outworking of Relational Mission’s vision to plant churches along the Eurostar line. Lille is France’s fourth biggest city, and has a large student population as well as having one of the nation’s main business districts.



Colchester, UK

Hugh Pearce was an elder at The City Church before moving with his family to Colchester in 2015 to lead the church plant. Colchester has a large and international student population, and as well as the other families joining Hugh and Claire, many students are making this church their home.



Helsinki, Finland

Kev and Lydia Jones moved with their children from The City Church to Helsinki in Finland in 2014, having always had a heart for taking the gospel to capital cities. Their church meets right in the city centre and gathers a cross-section of Finnish and international society.