The Praying Church and its Unmissable Prayer Meetings

Tim Wilson | Sunday 20th March 2016 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South

Breakthrough Prayer

Tom Shaw | Sunday 20th March 2016 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

The Praying Church

Geoff Maile | Sunday 13th March 2016 | 44:14 | Prayer fortnight | Acts 4v23 | Whitstable

Our identity in Christ

Clare Wilson | Sunday 13th March 2016 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

The world or culture we live in has a lot to say about what makes us valuable, but these messages are so alien to what God says about our identity as...

My Journey with God

Carrie Clark | Saturday 12th March 2016 | 33:43 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

Experiencing the Presence of God

Lucy Coombs | Saturday 12th March 2016 | 43:24 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

How do you respond to the invitation to experience the presence of God Is it a chore or a joy Do things get in the way of you coming into His...

My Journey

Carrie Clarke | Saturday 12th March 2016 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

Expect the unexpected

Kathryn Bailey | Saturday 12th March 2016 | 28:31 | Luke 24 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable

Mothers Day

Josie Shaw and Joan Reynolds | Sunday 6th March 2016 | 29:57 | Psalm 31 | Canterbury South

Telling His Story

Olly Knight | Sunday 6th March 2016 | 30:22 | Canterbury North, Canterbury South, Whitstable