The foundation of being fathered

Tom Shaw | Sunday 29th September 2013 | 42:12 | Invited | Luke 10:1-4 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

This week we launched our new teaching series entitled Invited. Tom introduced the big idea that we are called to be an invitational people....

The Dance

Tom Shaw | Sunday 29th September 2013 | 36:10 | The Dance | Canterbury South

Passion for God, Compassion for people

Tom Shaw | Sunday 22nd September 2013 | Vision Sunday | Canterbury South, Whitstable


Rebecca Manly Pippet | Sunday 22nd September 2013 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

A masterclass in worship

Tom Shaw | Sunday 8th September 2013 | First Love | Exodus 15:1-18  | Canterbury South, Whitstable

The final week of our First Love series. Looking at the example of worship the Israelites demonstrated....

The fight for our hearts against fear

Sam Gardner | Sunday 1st September 2013 | 45:11 | First Love | Exodus 14:10-5 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

Sam looked at how fear overcame the Israelites as Pharaoh chased them out into the wilderness, and they stopped trusting God. Whilst they responded negatively, Moses responded positively, understanding God fights...