5. Inheritors

Tom Shaw | Sunday 24th June 2012 | 52:26 | Who do you think you are? | Ephesians 1:11-18 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

4. Redeemed

Tom Shaw | Sunday 17th June 2012 | 44:32 | Who do you think you are? | Ephesians 1:7-10 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

Sin not only stains and separates, it also enslaves us. The wonder of becoming a Christian is that we are set free from the stubborn slave-master that is sin. Key to...

3. Adopted

Martin Segal | Sunday 10th June 2012 | 27:00 | Who do you think you are? | Ephesians 1 v1-5, Ephesians 5 v1 | Canterbury South

Thinking out loud about life’s big questions

Matt Fell | Sunday 10th June 2012 | Isaiah 65 v17-25 | Whitstable

Matt focused on the answers that people tend to give to the second question, what s wrong with the world He said that these tend to fall into two categories problems...

2. Chosen ...and holy and blameless

Tom Shaw | Sunday 3rd June 2012 | 50:14 | Who do you think you are? | Ephesians 1 v1-4 | Canterbury South, Whitstable

Verses 4 declares the amazing truth that to be a Christ follower means we have become holy and blameless in the here and now, as a free gift of God the...