So near yet so far.

Tom Shaw | Sunday 25th March 2012 | 54:32 | Reality Check | Canterbury South

So near yet so far

Geoff Maile | Sunday 25th March 2012 | 46:28 | Reality Check | Mark 14 | Canterbury South

Mothers Day

Olly Knight | Sunday 18th March 2012 | 34:44 | Canterbury South

We heard on Sunday how a Mother's love for her child is amazing, how even Mothers have limits but how God's love is limitless and how he shows us costly love....


Hugh Pearce | Sunday 18th March 2012 | 35:10 | Sex Singleness and Relationships | Canterbury South

Is singleness a gift or a curse How should I live if I m single Many people today find their identity in their relationship status. Where as Christians are we meant...

Things are gonna get hairy

Tom Shaw | Sunday 11th March 2012 | 47:22 | Reality Check | Mark 13:1-27 | Canterbury South

In this, the sixth reality check moment, we see Jesus speak openly about the future for His disciples. Potential disasters, diversions, divisions and deliverances all possibly await faithful followers. But, he...

An authentic community

Goff Hope | Sunday 4th March 2012 | 49:10 | Acts 4 | Canterbury South

Goff Hope from Kings Community Church in nbsp Norwich visited us this Sunday and preached on the need for an Authentic Church. nbsp He looked at Acts 4 verse 1 -...

Things are going to get hairy

Tom Shaw | Sunday 4th March 2012 | 54:43 | Reality Check | Canterbury South