The Gifted City

Tom Shaw | Sunday 31st July 2011 | The City | 1 Corinthians 12 | Canterbury South

Tom talk's about the Holy Spirit giving the church spiritual gifts. He has two points 1 Why they are important 2 Why they are useful...

The City of the Spirit

Tom Shaw | Sunday 24th July 2011 | The City | Matthew 28, Luke 24:v46-49 | Canterbury South

The Great Commission - Jesus gives his disciples an impossible task to do. This is how we can fulfil the great commission- we are clothed with power from on high ....

Encountering Jesus in a Storm

Steven van Rhyn | Sunday 17th July 2011 | Canterbury South

Cities Side by Side

Tom Shaw | Sunday 10th July 2011 | The City | John 17:v17-23 | Canterbury South

Tom guide's us through Cities Side by Side where we look at unity between Christians within our church but also across our city....


Hugh Pearce | Sunday 3rd July 2011 | The City | Genesis 2:v18, Mark 12:v30-31, Isaiah 56:v4-5, Isaiah 53:v10-11, Matthew 22:v29-30, Matthew 19:v12, 1 Corinthians 7:v32-35 | Canterbury South

Hugh looks at SINGLENESS and some of the key challenges faced by the church and individuals in this regard...