The Lost City

Roger Eaton | Sunday 30th May 2010 | Jonah Invision | Canterbury South

Drenched in Relationship

Martin Segal | Sunday 30th May 2010 | Drenched | John 14:v16-21 | Canterbury South

Martin Segal looks at how Christians have a relationship with Jesus that is both restored and revealed. We see that everyone has rebelled against God and broken the relationship we are...

The Shawshank Redemption

Olly Knight | Sunday 23rd May 2010 | Jonah Invision | Canterbury South

Drenched like Jesus

Tom Shaw | Sunday 23rd May 2010 | Drenched | John 1:v29-33 | Canterbury South

We see how the Gospel of John opens with the double comment on Jesus by John the Baptist, as both the lamb who takes away the sin of the world but...

The Perfect Storm

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 16th May 2010 | Jonah Invision | Canterbury South

From Drips to Drenched

Tom Shaw | Sunday 16th May 2010 | Drenched | John 16:v7 | Canterbury South

Here we see suggested that one way of summarising the Bible is the presence of God with people Adam and Eve , it then being removed due to ongoing sin Israel...

The Fugitive

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 9th May 2010 | Jonah Invision | Canterbury South

Born to Bless

Tom Shaw | Sunday 9th May 2010 | Genesis 12:v1-5 | Canterbury South

Tom Shaw leads us through Genesis 12 1-3 where we heard about the outrageous blessing that Jacob received. Exploring this we realise tha's exactly what God is like with us...

Idolatory and Obedience

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 2nd May 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 35 | Canterbury South

Looking at Jacob's encounter with God in Genesis 35 nbsp and how Jacob responds to God's instruction by Burying the idols in his house and, Obeying unconditionally despite the potential consequences...