Energised by Eschatology

Tom Shaw | Sunday 28th March 2010 | Philippians | Philippians 4:v1-9 | Canterbury South

A Glimpse into Guidance

Tom Shaw | Sunday 28th March 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 30:v25-43, Genesis 31:v1-55 | Canterbury South

Following on from the birth of his son Joseph, Jacob rightly felt the desire to move on from Haran and become financially and emotionally more independent from his challenging father in...

Apostolic Priorities from Colossians 4

Mike Betts | Sunday 21st March 2010 | Colossians 4 | Canterbury South

Our Citizenship is in Heaven

Geoff Maile | Sunday 14th March 2010 | Philippians | Canterbury South

Dealing with Disappointment

Tom Shaw | Sunday 14th March 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 29:v31-35, Genesis 30:v1-24 | Canterbury South

Facing challenging disappointments, we take a look at two sisters. Leah has the baby but no bloke and Rachel has the bloke but no baby. In both these situations we are...

Philippians 3: 1-11

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 7th March 2010 | Philippians | Philippians 3:v1-11 | Canterbury South

I Want to Know what Love is....

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 7th March 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 29:v1-30 | Canterbury South

With Hugh Pearce we look at Genesis 29 and consider Jacob and Leah s search for fulfilment, or in the words of Mariah Carey, their cry of I want to know...