Testing Times

Jon Hopkins | Sunday 31st January 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 26 | Canterbury South

Faith is tested either by temptations within us or trials around us . a faith that can t be tested can t be trusted. Isaac shows both the characteristics of living...

To Live is Christ

Martin Segal | Sunday 31st January 2010 | Philippians | Canterbury South


Gospel Advance Phil 1: 12-18

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 24th January 2010 | Philippians | Philippians 1:v12-18 | Canterbury South

Jabob; Flawed yet Chosen: Dealing with Delay Genesis 25:19-34

Tom Shaw | Sunday 24th January 2010 | Genesis - Jacob: Flawed yet chosen | Genesis 25:v19-34 | Canterbury South

Here we start a new series looking at Genesis 25-35 Genesis - Jacob flawed yet chosen. Initially we look at three different approaches to dealing with apparent delays. Isaac and Rebecca...

Phil 1:1-11

Tom Shaw | Sunday 17th January 2010 | Philippians | Philippians 1:v1-11 | Canterbury South

Death by Love: Christus Exemplar

Tom Shaw | Sunday 17th January 2010 | Death by Love | Genesis 4:v16, Genesis 5:v8 | Canterbury South

In our final week looking at our Death by Love series we look at the Gospel as good news because in Christ, we are given the prefect example of how to...

Death by Love: Jesus my Reconciliation

Tom Shaw | Sunday 10th January 2010 | Death by Love | Canterbury South

In our penultimate week in our Death by Love series we consider the particular doctrine of Jesus death as enabling our restored relationship with the Father, otherwise known as reconciliation. Two...

Embrace Change

Martin Segal | Sunday 3rd January 2010 | Canterbury South