Death by Love: Jesus my Gift of Righteousness

Tom Shaw | Sunday 29th November 2009 | Death by Love | Romans 5:v12-21, 1 Corinthians 15:v21-22, Romans 3:v10, Romans 4:v4-6 | Canterbury South

In the 6th part of our death by Love series, we hear about David a self-righteous, moral and religious man who had not grasped the Gospel. Rather than realising the only...

Fight for Eternal Rewards

Tom Shaw | Sunday 29th November 2009 | Fight For... | Canterbury South


Death by Love:Jesus Wins!

Andrew Wilson | Sunday 22nd November 2009 | Death by Love | Colossians 2:v13-15, Revelation 5:v5, 1 Corinthians 15:v54-57, 2 Corinthians 2:v14, Romans 8:v35-37 | Canterbury South

Fight for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

Andrew Wilson | Sunday 22nd November 2009 | Fight For... | Canterbury South


Our Goliath Moment(S)

Tom Shaw | Sunday 15th November 2009 | 1 Samuel 16:v13-19, 1 Samuel 17:v17-24, 1 Samuel 17:v31-49 | Canterbury South

God has always loved to lead His people into moments which test their hearts towards Him, times which in the natural realm seem beyond us, and yet, when our eyes are...

Fight for Prayer

Geoff Maile | Sunday 15th November 2009 | Fight For... | Canterbury South


Fight for Family (Diversity)

Jon Hopkins | Sunday 8th November 2009 | Fight For... | Canterbury South


Death by Love: Jesus my Wrath Bearer

Tom Shaw | Sunday 8th November 2009 | Death by Love | Canterbury South

In our fourth part in the Death by Love series we examine the staggering twin truths that God is both righteously wrathful towards the sin of the world and yet bizarrely...

Fight from Now - You are not too young!

Roger Eaton | Sunday 1st November 2009 | Fight For... | Canterbury South

Death by Love: Jesus my Cleanser

Hugh Pearce | Sunday 1st November 2009 | Death by Love | 1 John 1:v7-9, Acts 22:v16 | Canterbury South

Continuing our series Death By Love we look at the Doctrine of Expiation the teaching that Jesus is our cleanser. The key verse is 1 John 1v7-9 where we read that...